Basement Hydronic Heating - ROTH Panel

We took a much deserved sanity break after our January move-in. Took some time to settle in, and get used to the space! The radiant floor heating and ERV ventilation make for a wonderfully fresh and comfortable home. As spring rolled around, we returned to the grindstone, focusing on building up the basement floor.

The original basement floor slab wasn't insulated, but we didn't have a huge amount of head room to lose when building up some insulation. We decided the best balance was to add 2" of EPS foam, for an ~R9 performance. By using ROTH panel as the top 1" layer, we were able to fit the radiant tubing in that depth as well. Both layers were glued down. The system works quite well, though the tubing doesn't hold well in the foam-only areas, and requires taping down.