RAH Westmount NZE Development

RAH Westmount NZE Development

ReNü Engineering Inc. is a five-person professional engineering firm with offices in Edmonton and Yellowknife. We are licensed to practice in Alberta, British Columbia, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

We focus on the delivery of new buildings and the retrofit of existing buildings to high performance standards in Canadian climates using a technical approach that blends the disciplines of mechanical engineering and architectural science, the two disciplines responsible for most energy consumption in buildings.  ReNü believes that the success of high performance building projects lies in a truly integrated assessment and design process; the right design and construction players must communicate effectively from beginning to end. ReNü has supplied assessment and design services to over 550 high performance building projects across Canada, since incorporation in 2011.


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Stuart Fix is the Principal of ReNü Engineering. He is a professional mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in building science and holds certification as a Passive House Designer in both Germany and North America. Stuart is a founder of Passive Buildings Canada and sits on both the Passive House Institute US’s technical and the ASHRAE 227 Passive Building Standard committees. Stuart has a background in machine design and project management, and has been active in high performance building design since 2008. He focuses on leading edge mechanical design, and is fascinated with the integration of mechanical and envelope systems in the pursuit of cost effective energy efficiency. Stuart is an accomplished technical designer and an experienced contributor to inter-disciplinary groups in a global setting.

Mark Napora is a professional mechanical engineer with ReNü Engineering. Mark is a certified Passive House Consultant with a diverse background in mechanical design and consulting. Mark is inspired to deliver high performance, low impact buildings that deliver health and comfort through intelligently designed mechanical systems coupled with a solid building envelope. He has a strong interest in Building Science and is committed to designing buildings that are durable, sustainable and that deliver exceptional thermal comfort and indoor air quality. He also practices Permaculture and strives to create functional and affordable human habitat that will provide a positive impact on our environment.

Mike Otto is a professional mechanical engineer with ReNü Engineering. He is a Certified Energy Manager and LEED Accredited Professional with Operations & Maintenance specialization. Mike serves as Vice President on the Association of Energy Engineers Alberta Chapter board. In addition to providing energy modeling and other high-performance new building services, Mike is ReNü’s lead energy auditor. Mike manages ReNü’s Yellowknife office, and is focused on serving Canada's Northern markets. He has previous experience working as an energy manager on the building owner’s side, and brings this experience to the energy auditing process to ensure all recommended energy conservation measures are accurate, feasible, clearly understandable, and appropriate for the client’s operational realities.

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Peter Amerongen is one of the fathers of  Net Zero Energy construction in Canada. A true pioneer, Peter’s 40+ year career in construction has been celebrated with awards and accolades for his many accomplishments in the high performance building sector. Peter is an inexhaustible collaborator, sitting on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations, and presenting at conferences across the continent. Peter joins ReNü Engineering to offer consulting services in support of Net Zero Energy initiatives across the country, including a strong focus on developing the retrofit of existing buildings and launching a Canadian equivalent to Energiesprong.

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Kelly Fordice is a professional civil engineer with ReNü Engineering. She has a master's degree in building science and is a certified passive house consultant. Kelly has a background in civil engineering consulting and sustainable transportation. She is motivated to develop energy efficient buildings that prioritize passive design strategies and minimize our impact on nature.