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ReNü designs leading edge mechanical systems for residential and commercial buildings. We use life cycle cost and GHG analysis to select appropriate technologies for each client, making best use of their development investment.

Thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and low life cycle cost are our design goals.


ReNü demystifies the selection of durable, energy efficient building envelope strategies. We offer the following services:

  • Thermal bridge mitigation & condensation risk assessment

  • PSI-Value calculations for Passive House Certification

  • R-value recommendation and optimization through energy modelling and Life Cycle Cost analysis

  • Appropriate HVAC system selection for envelope dominated buildings

  • Effective R-Value calculations for Energy Code Compliance


ReNü transparently informs the most cost effective path to achieving energy targets such as Net Zero Energy, Passive House, and Living Building Challenge.

Many clients target a minimized environmental footprint. Others target a lowest combined capital and operational cost over their intended period of occupancy. We offer comparative analysis that includes operational, capital, and maintenance cost.

We offer building Energy Code compliance support per BC Step Code and NECB requirements.