ReNü Engineering Inc.

We are mechanical engineers who value building envelope performance and energy efficiency. ReNü offers energy auditing, energy modelling, and mechanical design services. Our designs are heavily influenced by the Passive House standards.

We are passionate about creating cost effective, low impact buildings with healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

We cater to clients across Canada and are licensed in BC, AB, YK, NT, & ON to engage in the practice of Engineering.


Stuart and his wife, Meg, embarked on a deep energy retrofit project, which encompassed the complete renewal of a modest 1943 mature neighborhood wartime home into a healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient home. We've achieved an 80% reduction in energy consumption through exterior super-insulation and airtightness (0.7ACH@50Pa), as well as new highly efficient HVAC systems.

This blog chronicles the progression of our project.

We're now 4.5 years into the process, and have completed a major interior renewal involving all new services, structural and amenity improvements, new cavity insulation, and new finishes.  The exterior retrofit is complete as well. At this point, we're picking away at the final interior finishing and landscaping details.

A quick before/after comparison from May 2013 to October 2017:

Home as purchased, May 2013

Exterior Deep Energy Retrofit nearing completion, October 2017.