Remaining Window Replacement

Next up we replaced the rest of the windows, Big thanks to Jon Bakker at Duxton, great product & service! Wile the new exterior doors arrived, we decided to leave them out until after drywall is complete. Working on completing the remaining wood-work details pre-drywall, like bulkheads, backing plates, attic pocket door, etc. The NuEnergy boys are coming this week to run & charge the soft copper refrigeration lines for the AC unit.

Thomas was over to help wire the Fancoil last week. We're attempting to run the Fujitsu mini-split off of the attic NEST thermostat, to keep a clean aesthetic. We need to figure out a way to slave the Fujitsu controller off the NEST, as the NEST can't run all the fancy logic and inverter compressor control. Need to call tech support.

After this we'll be ready for all of our permit inspections, which will be followed by an insulating bonanza at the end of the month. Stay tuned!