Audio / Video / Network Test

Brought my TV & media server to the house and  tested the 2xCat6 to HDMI circuits, as well as a few Cat6 lines that were squished during duct intstall.. Everything worked well, thanks again to Cole!

The HDMI over Cat6 adapters were a bit finicky to get connected correctly, but the picture/audio quality is perfect once correct. Turns out that the labels of 'sender' and 'receiver' are the opposite of how I originally hooked them up. Depends on your perspective, I suppose.

Decided to run a 3rd set of HDMI over Cat6 to each TV location, that way three potential signals options of server/cable/console is covered. The IR remote lines work well too, as does the bluetooth keyboard communicating from the main floor to the server in the mechanical room. Decided to run coaxial cable lines from the mech room to each TV location, just as a backup. It's pretty busy at the mechanical room receiving wall.. I swear I know where they all go!