Electrical+plumbing Rough in

Moved the kitchen/mud room door over a bit to allow the fridge to fit between the window & door. Also sheathed the mudroom floor. The mudroom will not be directly heated, but will have only 3.5" insulation along the joining wall, which will make it a semi-conditioned space. Kitchen cabinets have arrived from IKEA, great deal at the Kitchen Event!

Wrapped up ventilation & air conditioning, been working on electrical and plumbing with the help of Edmund Aunger and the in-laws at MTD Contracting! Huge thanks to these guys! Didn't realize it until now, but our 5.5" attic floor joists don't leave enough room for a standard p-trap, we'll have to drop the ceiling in the dining room about 2" to accommodate. The mechanical room is flushing out nicely, not much room to spare. 

We've purchased all the internal insulation we should need from Igloo Building Supplies...and the garage is full. We've booked Chisholm Drywall for early August; this'll be the first thing we've totally hired out... everyone tells me that drywall is an art best not left to engineers.. ;)

We've ordered the rest of the windows and exterior doors from Duxton, arriving end of June.

Electrical is done, again huge thanks to Edmund Aunger for his help. Plumbing is at 95%, thanks again to MTD Contracting! Bathtub is installed, as is the plumbing stack wall. Note the Drain Water Heat Recovery coil on the stack. We plumbing things such that all of the main floor and attic drains use that single stack, so it'll catch both future showers. We expect this coil to reduce our hot water heating consumption by ~25%.

The ROTH panel has arrived, it's a 100psi EPS foam board with aluminum topping with PEX tubing channels. We'll use this to add hydronic heat to the basement. Tried it out under the bath tub, works quite well.