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We are engineers who value building envelope performance and energy efficiency. ReNü offers energy auditing, energy modelling, and mechanical design services. Our designs are heavily influenced by the Passive House standards.

We are passionate about creating cost effective, low impact buildings with healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

We cater to clients across Canada and are licensed in BC, AB, YK, NT, & ON to engage in the practice of Engineering.

Main Floor Sheathing

Next up we sheathed the top of the kitchen and main floor bathroom, where the 3/8" worth of old lino & tile had been removed. It's now flush with the rest of the floors, which have 3/8" hardwood coverage. We're placing a floating snap-lock engineered hardwood over most of these areas. We considered removing all the old hardwood, but I swear there are 100 nails holding each board down... so we reconsidered.