ReNü Engineering Inc.

We are engineers who value building envelope performance and energy efficiency. ReNü offers energy auditing, energy modelling, and mechanical design services. Our designs are heavily influenced by the Passive House standards.

We are passionate about creating cost effective, low impact buildings with healthy and comfortable indoor environments.

We cater to clients across Canada and are licensed in BC, AB, YK, NT, & ON to engage in the practice of Engineering.


With materials starting to pile up, it was a priority to make the garage more secure. We replaced the existing doors with two new 9'x7' overhead doors. The larger door needed to be framed down to fit the new smaller door, which worked well. I planned to expand the smaller door hole slightly as well, but I couldn't come up with a reasonable way to extend the laminated beam, which was just supported with nails from the adjacent studs. It ended up being 9" narrower than the first, but it's still very functional. The bit of sheathing/framing I've done in the garage has been an exercise in dealing with non-square joints. I'm hoping the house is a bit truer, otherwise every piece has to be made to fit. 

The garage walls are insulated with cardboard, paper bags, and newspapers. It's a time capsule! Some of the newspapers are in great condition, 1950's German language papers and Edmonton Journals.