May long weekend -> Demo begins! My workhorse parents came up for the weekend and the 4 of us attacked the home like Germany was attacking France 70 years ago... Blitzkrieg!  

We found a number of interesting things, 1954 Edmonton Journals used as insulation in the garage, a beautiful brick chimney running the full height of the house, GypRock Lathe & Plaster (thankfully not wood lathe), wood chip insulation, and 1943 Edmonton Journal moulding mats used as a weather barrier..

June was spent with many evenings & weekends working on the demo. Lots of hard work, but it went quick with help from friends & family. All of the electrical, plumbing, & HVAC were stripped.  Interior envelope stripped down to bare studs and exposed shiplap exterior sheathing / 1943 Edmonton Journal moulding mats which are exterior to the studs. Removed the non-load bearing wall between the kitchen & living room; step 1 of 2 in creating a more open floorplan.